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there are situations where you find yourself worried because you will have to go to the doctor and the doctor will tell your parents you are not a virgin.

well, what doctors do, is they analyze with instruments to find whether or not you are still a virgin.

but i believe its the law about doctor-patient confidentiality which simply means that whatever the doctors find, you can ask the doctor not to say anything to your parents and just tell them that you are healthy. sometimes girls lose their virginity by just riding a bike or riding a horse for sure.
im getting ready to visit the gyno next week and im terrified what he will do i heard they open your legs and they stick something down there.. how do doctors check for virginity
heckk na i dnt belive that...i think thats a dumb thing to belive..if u belive this you might be dumb ass hell...might as well just tell ur parents you lost it wit some one not that you fuken lost it to a guys are fuken dumb!!!!
illl hit your dumbass up later ama go loose my virginity to a horse sikke i aint dumb..peace!!
well that true you could tell the doctors not to tell your parents because your their personal patient be the thing that f*ckn me off away was that you could loose ur virginty by riding a horse or bike that s**t is so dumb who the f*ck told you that.........that just bulls**t omg that is f*ckn retarded.......sorry but your a b**tch!!!!!!!!!
we'll when a doctor checks a gurl they look in side the vigina and if theres a layer of skin over the hole that leds to the end of the hole she is
if girls walks spreading her leg, having big breast & big ash , than she is not a virgin
well after reading all your comments i must say... how childish you are, you're not suppse to be sexual active. go play dolls if you wanna be mommies and daddies, just realise one wont respect you more if it may come your way of not being in the "v-club" they'll just use and abuse you coz ur active and for their sense of "satisfaction" think again before you spread your legs.
how to check when was the first day the girl lost her virginity
thanks for helping
jeewizz, do you guys hear yourselves. the lack of respect for women is unbelievable. "no" i agree they are childish an uneducated regarding sexual activities. first grow up to be adults then we'll talk again abouth the birds and the beez! and yes, the gynos and any other trained doctors can make a very educated result whether you are active or not, so plz be carefull and think before you let him penetrate. at the end of the day thats all you gonna be to him....a sense of pleasure, for few minutes and your pride will be gone and banished forever. think of what you would tell your own daugthers when they reach your ages. which are very young by the way. think before you act.
wow immature kids ! lmfao grow up , ! if i werent a virgen i do the same in not tell my parents the truth till im 18!
will they tell mhy mommy im not a virgin im scared !!
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